Literacy Programs

We have particular success with students diagnosed with reading and learning differences such as dyslexia & ADHD.  We incorporate multisensory strategies that have been proven to be successful with learning disabled students.

We use multisensory strategies to open the world of reading

Early Literacy Program Teaches:

  • phonemic awareness – rhyming, segmenting, and blending sounds
  • letter/sound correspondences
  • sight words
  • tracking words in books

We use multisensory strategies to teach early literacy skills

Beginning Reading Program Teaches:

We use multisensory strategies to teach beginning readers.

Upper Elementary/Middle School/High School Reading Program:

  • advanced decoding/syllabication skills
  • a stronger vocabulary through word study
  • reading fluency
  • comprehension strategies

We use multisensory strategies to teach vocabulary and comprehension.

Math Programs:

  • elementary
  • middle school
  • algebra
  • geometry
  • pre-calculus
  • calculus

We use multisensory strategies to teach math skills.

Writing Programs:

  • manuscript or cursive
  • expository writing
  • creative writing
  • keyboarding

We can teach your child to type!

Spelling Program:

  • direct, systematic, multi-sensory instruction
  • non-phonetic words
  • standard spelling patterns and rules

We use multisensory strategies to teach spelling.

Study Skills Program:

  • organize their materials
  • study for tests
  • create a schedules to complete projects
  • improve their executive function skills instruction
We teach kids how to study and organize themselves!

Standardized Test Preparation

Pick your test date and call us to schedule your sessions. We accommodate to your availability!


  • one-on-one sessions
  • small group classes

We teach students test taking strategies and ways to manage test anxiety.

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